Register agency

To register for TIS National services, including fee paying and free services, please complete the online form below. Eligible non-government organisations wanting to apply for free services should complete the non-government organisations’ application for the Free Interpreting Service form. TIS National will email you your client code as soon as possible.

The following categories of agency clients should complete this form to register for TIS National services:

  • Medical practitioners (Medical specialists)
  • Allied health professionals (for example: psychologists; occupational therapists; and chiropractors)
  • Commonwealth government agencies
  • State and Territory government agencies
  • Local governments
  • Non-government organisations (unless you are eligible for the Free Interpreting Service through TIS National)
  • Parliamentarians
  • Private sector agencies
  • Real estate agents
  • Trade unions
  • Pharmacists

Unless you are eligible for the Free Interpreting Service through TIS National, the use of this client code may incur service charges. Please refer to the TIS National interpreting services charges for a schedule of GST inclusive charges.

It is your responsibility to maintain the security of this account information. You are able to deactivate this account at any time by contacting TIS National through the contact us section of this site. Please note, if you require TIS National operators to collect required information from those using your client code, the ATIS system is not yet able to record these details.

Agency client details

If you are an NDIS registered service provider and this interpreting service is to implement supports in a participant's plan, you may be eligible for funded interpreting services. Please review here before submitting your registration. If you have any further questions regarding your eligibility for this program you can contact TIS National’s Client Liaison team on 1300 655 820.